The Rugpoli is a recognised, independent treatment centre with clinics in Delden, Velp and Tilburg. The Rugpoli specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of posture and musculoskeletal problems; in particular of the spinal column.

Bespoke service

At the Rugpoli a specialist team of experts are on hand to assess your symptoms from all possible angles. This team comprises a neurologist, anaesthetist, orthopaedist, radiologist, orthomanual practitioner and a mechanical practitioner.

We will undertake an MRI scan if needed, in order to make a proper diagnosis. We have an open MRI scanner at each clinic. Together the team formulates a treatment plan, a bespoke one that is entirely attuned to your specific symptoms. We prefer to make a diagnosis and to formulate a treatment plan on the same day, to ensure you start your treatment quickly.


Depending on the treatment plan you can either attend a Rugpoli clinic or another clinic in your locality. We are happy to advise you on this. We work together with a range of specialists such as a neurosurgeon, pain psychologist, physiotherapist and a work reintegration specialist.