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ZKN keurmerk

Rugpoli embodies reliable, optimum medical care. Rugpoli is ZKN (Independent Dutch Clinics) accredited. This means that Rugpoli meets the strictest of requirements when it comes to quality and professionalism; similar requirements that apply to hospitals. Rest assured that by attending a ZKN accredited clinic you are in the best possible place.


ZKN accreditation monitors the entire care process of independent clinics; from diagnosis to treatment result. This accreditation guarantees that the medical personnel are competent (Individual Health Care Professional registered) in carrying out their professions. Besides quality and professionalism of the medical personnel, the treatment, intake, equipment safety, infection prevention, waiting times, after care and patient satisfaction are all assessed. This assessment is repeatedly and periodically undertaken by an independent certification body. The ZKN accreditation therefore assesses all the clinic’s operations; from the clinic itself to the quality of the entire care process. 

Rugpoli practitioners follow the guidelines applicable to them and follow training in order to stay completely up-to-date with their specialist fields. Moreover, the clinic meets the inspection prerequisites as specified by the Dutch Anaesthesiologist Association and the Dutch Neurologist Association.