It may arise that you are dissatisfied with the way in which the examination was carried out and/or the treatment, staff attitudes, or with something else. In such an instance you are advised to notify the employee(s) concerned of your complaint(s) as soon as possible. You can also submit your complaint in person or in writing to Rugpoli complaints officer. More complaint procedural information can be obtained from reception.

The Rugpoli Foundation is affiliated with the Geschillencommissie EZa. This is an independent committee that in accordance with the law (Wkkgz) has formulated a complaints procedure.

Misunderstandings can arise during contact with your medical practitioner. You may feel your treatment was incorrect or that an error was made. The best thing is to discuss this with the medical practitioner concerned directly and to find a resolution together. Should this not succeed, nor arbitration by the complaints officer from Rugpoli, you can 10 weeks after complaining submit a written complaint to the geschillencommissie.

The committee members have an obligation of confidentiality. The primary objective of the complaints committee is to do justice to your complaint. No costs are incurred for complaint assessment, on the understanding that you pay for all costs you personally incur.  

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