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To diagnose the underlying cause of your symptoms your medical practitioner wants to take an MRI scan. This page further outlines how the MRI scan works as well as instructions you must adhere to.

What is MRI?

MRI treatment
MRI (= Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a technique to capture imagery of organs and tissues within the body. It uses a strong magnetic field and radio frequency. These help to generate signals within the body. These signals are received by an antenna (called a “spool”) and via a computer the signals of the particular body parts are converted into imagery. The Rugpoli has a so-called open MRI. The magnet is suspended above the examination table you lie on. You do not go into a tunnel. 


The MRI room has a strong magnetic field which may impact you. This is why we ask you to complete and sign a questionnaire prior to your scan. This is both for your own safety and for quality purposes. Please bring along the completed questionnaire on the day. From time to time an MRI scan cannot be undertaken. This applies in the following circumstances

  • pacemaker
  • Metal cardiovascular clips
  • stents
  • Aural implants
  • Implanted electronic equipment, such as an subcutaneous insulin pump
  • If you possibly have metal splinters in your eyes (for example due to work undertaken in the metal industry)
  • An MRI scan is only undertaken during pregnancy in consultation with your medical practitioner 

If you answer one or more questions on the form with “Yes”, or if one of the above applies to you, please contact us in plenty of time, either by telephone or email.

Personal items such as (bank) cards (pin code), watches, keys, coins, mobile telephones, personal computer devices, penknives, lighters, jewellery, reading glasses, hearing aids, dentures and other metal objects must remain outside of the magnetic field; these objects are attracted by the magnet and can stick to it. 

You do not need to prepare in any particular way for the scan. You can eat and drink as usual and continue to take your medication as usual.

During the scan

During the scan you lie on a mobile examination table that is pushed under the MRI. The body part being examined will lie central to the MRI.
It is vital that during the scan you lie completely still. If you don’t the scan can fail and will have to be repeated. The scan comprises numerous images.

Scan duration

The scan takes around 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the body part being examined.