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Neurological treatment

A consultation starts with an in-depth chat about your medical history (anamnesis). During the neurological examination a range of neurological functions are looked at, such as: sensation, movement and muscle strength, reflexes, balance and coordination. The medical practitioner takes detailed notes about your symptoms and their history. Neurological function disturbances can indicate a problem with the brain, with the spinal cord or with your body’s nervous system. By undertaking an examination the medical practitioner can obtain a full picture of the symptoms and the possible underlying cause. It may be that your medical practitioner asks you to complete a questionnaire prior to your first appointment, about your general medical health (including medication intake).

Physical examination

A physical examination will be undertaken after the case history, when the medical practitioner will look at posture, motion patterns, painful areas, motion restrictions, and the condition and function of the pelvis and spinal column. The medical practitioner will add notes to your file.