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Participation in scientific research

The Rugpoli researches the effectiveness and appropriateness of its care. We ask patients to assist us in this. Further information on this is listed below. 


In 2003 the Rugpoli started to offer care to people with back problems. Time has shown that our treatments have attained excellent results. In order to keep safeguarding and monitoring quality we research the results of the care we provide. This research will help us to better anticipate our patients’ needs and wishes in the future; that includes yours too! 


Should you participate in this research your details will be recorded and at the clinic reception the procedure will be explained to you, as well as the questionnaire. Your details will be automatically saved and processed. This means your details are handled correctly, and aren’t accessible to all and sundry. Only the last section of the questionnaire is added to your notes (the questionnaire clearly states which questions this relates to). This helps your medical practitioner remain up to speed on your pain levels and how much this impacts you. If necessary your medical practitioner can treat this. During the initial consultation the medical practitioner will also complete a questionnaire about your symptoms they have observed. The first measurement undertaken is what we refer to as a 0 measurement. After approximately 3, 6 and 12 months following the initial measurement you’ll receive an email with a follow-up questionnaire. This can be completed at home and returned to be processed. If you are unable to answer these questions digitally, we also have a hard copy or there’s always the telephone. 


Within a 12 month period you will be contacted a number of times by the research nurse to complete a questionnaire. The questions are easy and relate to your pain symptoms, your quality of life and the physical limitations these symptoms result in. During your initial consultation you will be given an information pack, and you can complete the corresponding questionnaire straightaway on one of the designated computers. The research nurse will contact you in another 3, 6 and 12 months with the request to complete another questionnaire. 


Your cooperation in the research is entirely voluntary. If you consent to research participation you are free at any time to withdraw. We do not require a declaration from you. Whether you participate or not has no consequences whatsoever on your future treatment or on your relationship with your medical practitioner. If, having read this information, you do not wish to participate in the research; your future treatment will run in accordance with our standard clinical procedures.


As you have already come to expect from us, you can rest assured that all data collated during this research will be dealt with confidentially and will only be accessible to authorised persons. Similarly, when the results of the research are published, these details cannot be traced back to you. 


No risks are connected with the Rugpoli research in Delden or Velp. Patients may participate in the research if they: 

  • Are aged 18 or over
  • Are a new Rugpoli patient
  • Are a previous Rugpoli patient with new symptoms

If, having read this information, you still have queries please contact us during office hours.

Marije Pol: M.Pol@rugpoli.nl 0613261392