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Mechanical diagnosis and therapy


MDT is an examination and treatment system for patients with musculoskeletal problems. Pain can worsen, lessen or even totally disappear by adopting a particular posture/position or by making (repeated) movements. These are known as posture and capacity related symptoms.

These can relate to back and neck problems, with or without radiation to the leg or arm. But symptoms from joints, such as the shoulder or hip, can also be treated using this method.  

MDT/ Mckenzie Methode The MDT/ McKenzie method is a correlating, clear-cut system that enjoys international recognition due to its effectiveness.  There are only a handful of places in the Netherlands where it is applied. The Rugpoli is one of them. 


Treatment Mechanical diagnosis and therapy

Further to a thorough motion assessment during the examination, our mechanical practitioner can chart symptom conduct (such as pain). Typical to the MDT examination is that different movements are often repeated. Scientific research shows that this yields a reliable picture of your symptom. The chances of successful treatment are therefore increased considerably. 




Further to the examination we make a sound mechanical diagnosis. On the basis thereof your mechanical practitioner can clearly indicate whether your symptom can be helped by MDT treatment.  If it is, you will be given a bespoke treatment plan that corresponds with your unique symptoms.  On the whole this will include self-treatment, possibly supported by manual mobilisations.