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After the orthomanual therapy or MDT treatment

You were examined or treated today by an orthomanual medical practitioner or by the mechanical practitioner. It may be that in the first few days following the treatment you experience a degree of afterpain. This can also occur in areas where you previously had no symptoms.

After the final treatment it may take a few weeks before the original symptoms lessen or disappear. We recommend you wait for at six weeks. As a result of the corrections a different muscle tone occurs which alters your posture. The body needs time to adjust. After two or three months, if necessary, a check-up will take place. You can take 500mg paracetamol 6x a day if required. If you experience unexpected or impeding symptoms you can always contact us for advice on the usual telephone number. We are also available outside of normal business hours for urgent cases.

Rugpoli Twente

Telephone: 074 – 376 20 14

Rugpoli Veluwe

Telephone: 026 – 361 66 07

Rugpoli Randstad

Telephone: 023 - 529 11 40

Rugpoli Brabant

Telephone: 013 – 763 04 10

Aside from the orthomanual therapy, we can also advise on work, physical capacity, physiotherapy, sports etc. Generic exercise instructions are sometimes given, but if further treatments or exercise therapy or training are addictionally needed, we refer you to an orthomanual medical or an physiotherapy practice in your area.