Safe healthcare for patients and staff at Rugpoli with regard to the Corona virus

Rugpoli has implemented additional measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Patients with flu symptoms, coughing sneezing or fever are asked not to come. WIthin Rugpoli , we ask you to keep 1.5 meters distance between yourself and others. The Rugpoli locations accomodate this. We ask you to come alone. If this is not possible and you have a person accompanying you, we ask them to wait in the car and not to take a seat in the waiting room.

In our clinic we follow the guidelines as drawn up by the RIVM, this ensures safe healthcare in times of the Corona virus. From the 28th of April, in accordance with national policy as drawn up by the ministery of Health, Welfare and Sports, Rugpoli provides regular medical care to its patients. When making an appointment, the urgency of care is estemated and an appointment is planned based on that information.

To ensure your safety and that of staff we follow the national guidelines regarding quarantine. Therefore, if you have been on holiday in a country or region with an orange travel advisory, we urgently ask that you do not come to Rugpoli during the home quarantine.

Managing board

  • Informatie voor patiënten

    Hier kunt u informatie vinden over de volgende onderwerpen:

    Voor uw bezoek
    Na uw behandeling
    Meer informatie over onderzoeken & behandelingen
  • Over Rugpoli

    Rugpoli is een erkend zelfstandig behandelcentrum met vestigingen in Delden, Velp, Hoofddorp en Tilburg. Rugpoli is gespecialiseerd in de diagnose en behandeling van klachten van het houdings- en bewegingsapparaat, met name van de wervelkolom.

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  • Behandelingen

    Door de bijzondere combinatie van specialistische zorg (orthomanuele geneeskunde, mechanisch bewegingsonderzoek op basis van McKenzie, neurologie en anesthesiologie) kunnen wij behandeling op maat inzetten.

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  • MRI

    Om de oorzaak van uw klachten te achterhalen, kan uw arts een MRI-scan laten maken. Hier leest u in het kort hoe het onderzoek verloopt en aan welke voorschriften u zich moet houden.

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Rugpoli is a recognised, independent treatment centre with clinics in Delden, Hoofddorp, Velp and Tilburg. Rugpoli specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of posture and musculoskeletal problems; in particular of the spinal column.

Bespoke service

At Rugpoli a specialist team of experts are on hand to assess your symptoms from all possible angles. This team comprises a neurologist, anaesthetist, orthopaedist, reumatologist, musculosceletal practitioner and a mechanical practitioner.

We will undertake an MRI scan if needed, in order to make a proper diagnosis. We have an open MRI scanner at each clinic. Together the team formulates a treatment plan, a bespoke one that is entirely attuned to your specific symptoms. We prefer to make a diagnosis and to formulate a treatment plan on the same day, to ensure you start your treatment quickly.


We work together with a range of specialists such as a neurosurgeon, pain psychologist, physiotherapist and a work reintegration specialist. We are happy to advise you on this.