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Caudal epidural injection

You suffer with back pain with radiating pain to your legs. Because of your pain your back symptoms cannot be treated straightaway with either orthomanual or MDT treatment. To help relieve the pain your medical practitioner has proposed a caudal epidural injection. This page further outlines what this treatment entails. 

Illustratio Caudal epidural injection


By injecting an anti-inflammatory aggravation of the vertebral column lessens. This eases back symptoms and possibly leg symptoms as well as improves mobility. 


Treatment Caudal epidural injection

You lie on your front on the treatment table. First the medical practitioner will disinfect your skin around the coccyx. Under x-ray control the medical practitioner inserts a thin needle into the sacral hiatus. This is a small opening just above the coccyx. From here the injected fluid can move upwards towards the vertebral column. To check that the needle is in the correct position and that the fluid is actually reaching the vertebral column, the medical practitioner will inject a small amount of contrast agent. Next you will be injected with a mix of a local anaesthetic (Lidocaine 2%) and a corticosteroid (Decadron® 20 mg).


The treatment takes approximately 15 minutes.


For further information about potential side effects and risks, and for other instructions we kindly ask you to read through the “your visit” and “after your treatment” information provided to you.