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Prices / Coverage

The Rugpoli Foundation has reached an agreement with all the insurance companies for basic covered care. This means that these treatments are fully covered by your health care insurer. However you will require a GP referral for your treatment. Pain injections for aspecific back problems will not always be covered in the basic insurance policy (which means they won’t be covered at other pain clinics either). Prior to any treatment we will inform you about the precise coverage your treatment entails.

Musculosceletal treatments, including medical assessments, are not covered by the basic insurance policy, but are by supplementary insurance. You will be covered for alternative medicine practices, as outlined in your particular policy. It may be therefore that you will have to partially or fully pay for these costs yourself. For further information please contact the Rugpoli administration (please have your insurance policy to hand).

Full basic insurance coverage:

  • Neurological and reumatological consultation, possibly augmented with an MRI
  • Injection treatments (with the exception of aspecific back problems)
  • Headache treatments

Supplementary insurance coverage ( alternative medicine )

  • Musculoskeletal and manual therapy treatments

Per February 1st 2023 the cost of a first consultation will be between € 120.00 and € 220.00. Follow-up consultations cost € 95.00.

More information about prices can be found here.